2021, Feature, 115 min.

2021, Feature, 115 min.
Writer and Director: Nikola Bozadzhiev
Director of Photography: Stefan Vrachev
Producer: First Clapper

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2022, Short, 15 min.

Written and directed by: Elle Ginter, Christian Eliott
director of photography: Stefan Vrachev
Produced by: Red Top Films, A21


City of Ghosts follows the true stories of two men who, in effort to provide for their families, left their native countries of Ukraine and Bulgaria for work under the guise of better pay and opportunity.

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2021, Short, 14 min.

Directed by Christian Elliott, Neal Johnson
Written by Christian Elliott, Neal Johnson
Director of Photography: Stefan Vrachev
Produced by Red Top Films, A21


Real life story of a victim of trafficking for sexual exploitation.


2022, Anthology of four documentaries 20 minutes each.

Directed and produced by Tatyana Pandurska
Written by Decho Taralezhkov
Director of Photography: Stefan Vrachev


The project is realized with the financial support of National Culture Fund of Bulgaria.

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2022, series of 6 short documentary films 6 minutes each.

Written and directed by Vesselin Boydev
Director of Photography: Stefan Vrachev and Vesselin Hristov
Produced by Katia Trichkova – Contrast Films.


The main idea of Project 6 is to create six short, creative portraits through the expressive tools of the documentary cinema, of six young contemporary artists, which contribute to the cultural appearance of the capital city.

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2017 г., Short, 19 min.

Written by Magdalena Ilieva, Jonathan Heidelberger
Directed by Jonathan Heidelberger
Director of Photography: Stefan Vrachev
Produced by Little Wing Productions


A widow in a small Bulgarian town is grieving over the death of her husband. Her daily life is shaken up by the appearance of an old friend.


2015 г., short, 21 min.

Written by Hristo Simeonov, Konstantin Tsonev
Directed by Hristo Simeonov
Director of Photography: Stefan Vrarchev
Producer Little Wing Productions


Irina’s neighbor accidentally kills her dog. Now she has to find someone to help her bury it, and her new mortal enemy is the only one available.